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Roller derby helps build confidence, embraces individualism, and builds athleticisim in a fun, safe, respectful environment. Skaters of all abilities can explore the sport of Flat Track Roller Derby. Not sure what it looks like?  Check out this Youtube video:





  • Sk8 Skool:  Girls between the ages of 8 and 11 start in Sk8 Skool. Skaters who start in Sk8 Skool who are determined to have advanced skating skills may be bumped up to Little Yeti's.
  • Little Yeti's:  Girls between the ages of 12 and 17 or younger skaters with more advanced skating skills.
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The 2015 season will run from February through October.

Practices take place on Sundays: starting at 2:30. 

Sk8 Skool: 2:30 to 3:30pm

Little Yeti’s:2:30 to 4:30pm. 


Cost (2015) prices

  • Roller Derby is a sport entirely funded by the members. Because of this, there are fees associated with enrolling a child in Junior Derby. All skaters must also have Canadian Roller Derby Insurance.

    Basic fees are as follows:

  • Sk8 Skool (ages 8-11): $15 per month
  • Little Yetis (ages 12-17): $20 per month
    CRDI Insurance: $30 for three-month apprentice or $50 annually.

    If a skater graduates from Sk8 Skool to Little Yeti’s, then you must pay the Little Yetis rate of $60 per quarter.

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  • All skaters will be required to purchase their own gear. The following gear is mandatory:

    Quad Roller Skates (derby style preferred)
    Wrist guards
    Elbow Pads
    Knee Pads


  • Junior Derby practices at the Community Annex in Shilo (building L25). See the map below:
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  • And here is a map of Shilo:
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