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Are you looking for a sport that is focused on discipline and can help naturally aggressive kids find an outlet for their excess energy?  Then boxing could be the sport for you!


I had an opportunity to visit the Brandon Boxing Club and was immediately impressed with the brightly lit surroundings proudly displaying Brandon’s strong boxing heritage as well as pictures and paraphernalia on every wall proving the strength of their current program. 


Brandon Boxing ClubWith many talented up and coming boxers, be sure you will hear about the caliber of the Brandon Boxing Club’s competitive program in connection with such events as large as the Olympic Games in the not too distant future!  Natasha Armstrong, Colton Easter, T.J. Flett, Isiah “Izzy Lightning” Hayden, and Josh Seeland are all blazing impressive paths nationally and internationally.


The Brandon Boxing Club opened its doors in 2001 under the leadership of professional boxer, Noel Harding.  The Brandon Boxing Club is the only boxing club in the Westman area that is sanctioned by both the Manitoba Amateur Boxing Association and the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association.  It continues to operate through community support and grants with the latest grant to be used to upgrade the facility’s flooring.



Check out this YouTube video of Noel Harding talking about a local boxing event and boxing in general to get an idea of what boxing is about:




Brandon Boxing Club

 The club has approximately 60 members - both male and female - ages 5 to 75.



The Brandon Boxing Club has both recreational and competitive streams.



Instruction is available for both individuals and teams.  The focus is more cardiovascular and fitness based instruction versus technical in nature.  Team training for up to 20 people is available and a great cross training opportunity for other sports such as hockey, ringette, volleyball, etc.  Recreational programming is taught by Noel Harding.




There are two streams available competitively:  amateur and professional.  Kids cannot compete until they are 10 and cannot turn professional until age 18.



The amateur program is lead by head coach, Mike Fredrickson.  Members of the amateur program earn their way onto the fight team, which travels frequently, through dedication and hard work.  As members advance to higher level competitions and win, their efforts are rewarded through funding by the Manitoba Amateur Boxing Association and/or the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association depending on the level reached.


Amateur athletes box three rounds of two minutes each.  Amateur boxers can only box in one fight every 24 hours.




In order to become a Professional boxer, an amateur athlete must apply to the Manitoba Combative Sports Commission for approval.  They reserve the right to deny the application since they are responsible for the safety of the individual.  Applicants with a strong amateur record are more likely to be approved.


Professional boxers start with four round fights consisting of three minute rounds.  As the fighter becomes more experienced, the number of rounds increases as follows:


·         6  - three minute rounds 

·         8  - three minute rounds 

·         10  - three minute rounds 

·         12  - three minute rounds


Twelve round fights are reserved for titles only.  Professional fighters can only box one fight every two weeks.



All participants are required to buy their own hand wraps which protect the wrists from buckling on impact.  Brandon Boxing ClubThe club sells professional style wraps for $20 (2013 Pricing); these professional wraps are better than any wraps generally available in department stores as they provide better wrist protection.  


boxing glovesWhen first starting out or participating as part of a team training exercise, participants can borrow gloves and head gear from the Brandon Boxing Club.  Regular participants and competitive athletes purchase their own gloves and head gear.   As of March 2013, male amateur boxers will no longer wear headgear.   

During training, 16 ounce gloves are usually used with amateurs competing using 10 ounce gloves.  Professionals fight using new 8 ounce gloves which are very hard.   

When starting out, athletes start with running shoes.  As they become more competitive, they purchase boxing shoes which are very light due to their thin soles.


Fees (2013 pricing)


Regardless of whether an athlete participates on a recreational or competitive basis, the membership fees are as follows:

·         $50 per month

·         $250 for 6 months

·         $400 per year


The club often runs promotions such as giving away free hand wraps when more than one month membership is purchased.


Individual lessons from Noel Harding are $30 per hour and team training for teams of 20 or less are $100 per hour.


Once an athlete is on the fight team and is traveling frequently, the team members’ pool their money received from the Manitoba Amateur Boxing Association and/or the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association into a fund which is supplemented by competitions held twice per year at the Brandon Boxing Club as well as other fund raising.  This fund is then used to pay for travel expenses to visit such locations as North Dakota, Minnesota, and Missouri as well as within Canada.  It is this extensive travelling that has made the team so successful and one of the best competitive amateur boxing programs in Canada.


Hours of Operation


 The club is open to membership as follows:in the ring 2

 ·         Monday to Friday:  5:00pm to 8:00pm

 ·         Saturday:  3:00pm to 6:00pm


Private individual and team lessons are available anytime during the day or during the evenings when the club is opened to the membership.


Time Commitment


Participants can come from 1 to 6 days per week.  Competitive athletes generally train 3 to 4 nights per week for 2.5 to 3 hours per day plus weekend fights.


For More Information


Contact Noel Harding at (204) 570-2634 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





Other interesting boxing websites:


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Fun Fact: There are actually 8 Brandons in the USA - in Iowa, Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Wisconsin but only 1 Brandon in Canada - Brandon, MB!!


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