Snow Kiteboarding

Snow kiteboarding is an exhilarating sport that allows a person to harness the wind to glide along snow and ice using skis or snowboards.  The most adventurous have even been known to use ice skates….wow! In fact, the same kites can be used for three variations of the sport:  Snow Kiteboarding, Water Kiting, and Kite Land Boarding (also known as Power Kiting).


Check out this great YouTube video produced by Travel Manitoba showcasing Snow Kiteboarding in Manitoba. 



So You Want to Learn How to Snow Kiteboard….


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Instruction philosophy can vary depending on the Kiteboarding instruction company you choose.  Some instructors prefer to start with a two line trainer kite before progressing to a four line power kite.  Others start with a four line power kite from the beginning.  I would think the age and experience of the prospective kite boarder would play into which direction you choose. In order to use a power kite safely,the kiter must weigh at least 80 pounds.

Instruction can be provided by a licensed International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) instructor. Instruction serves two purposes:

    • Allows you to learn to operate a kite in a safe and responsible manner
    • Helps you prepare for a Kiteboarding proficiency test – once you pass it, you receive an IKO certification card. 


The IKO Certification card is internationally recognized and allows you to both:

    • rent equipment globally
    • apply for Kiteboarding insurance through IKO





 Introductory Lessons cover topics such as..

419014 199323843506946 1369774236 n1.  Location selection and wind assessment

You need to be able to determine an appropriate location free from any obstacles with adequate wind to ensure your safety along with the safety of others.

2.  Terminology

You learn such terms as:

The parts of the kite such as the leading edge, the trailing edge, wing tips and bridles.

The Wind Window is the area where the kite can fly in the air and has different “zones”which exhibit different characteristics.

 3.  Skills

During introductory lessons, you learn such things as:

Setting Up a Trainer Kite - a new user learns how to set up the kite ensuring not to prematurely engage the kite in flight before the rider is ready.

Safety Systems - Learn about wrist leashes on trainer kites and/or harness systems on power kites.

Steering- Basic steering is similar to steering a bicycle and is accomplished through correct hand position and grip.

Caring for your kite

Launching and Landing – Learning how to launch and land the kite

Pack Down – packing up the kite


4.  Equipment

To begin, you need the following equipment:

A trainer kite and/or a four line power kite depending on instruction avenue

A bar and line

Sand bag





Program Details

  • Ages: 4 and older
  • Weight:  participants must weigh at least 80 pounds to operate a power kite which come with a harness;  younger participants can start with a 2 line trainer kite that has no harness.
  • Experience: None
  • Cost per Session: approximately $100 per hour depending on the number of hours of instruction purchased, number of participants, instructor, and skill level
  • Companies Providing Instruction:

             Aerial Kiteboarding: Website and Facebook Page

             Boost Kiteboarding:  Website and Facebook Page

  • When:  During wind of at least 10 to 12km at a time agreed upon between instructor and participants.
  • Where:  Open fields


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If you are looking for more information...


Check Aerial Kiteboarding, Boost Kiteboarding, Kiteboarding Manitoba , Local Kiteboarding Spots, and the International Kiteboarding Association for more details.


“Kiteboarding is at the mercy of the wind.”

Aerial Kiteboarding



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