With an average temperature of approximately -15C in the winter months according to Environment Canada, Brandon, MB is an obvious place to find loads of ice and snow sports.  We are lucky to have many great venues and instruction available in Brandon and the surrounding area.  We were amazed to find so many clubs and groups participating in winter sports from recreational to elite athletes.  From the rink to the slopes, there are lots of sports to try and participate in around the Wheat City.


Beginner Skating

Learn to SkateIf you are looking to start your child skating, there are a couple of programs for instruction.  Stay tuned as we compile the information.  Want to help?  Please contact us.










Team Manitoba AllStars Girls 1

Although not available in Brandon, MB, Broomball is very popular in rural areas surrounding Brandon.  Check out our Broomball page to learn more!






curlingrocIs your pre-teen or teenager interested in curling?  Check out the curling page for more information.






Downhill Skiing

Downhill SkiingThinking about tackling the slopes for the first time?  Check out this link for more information.






Female Hockey

Do you have a girl who wants to play hockey?  Stay tuned as we compile the information.  Want to help?  Please contact us.


Figure Skating

After completing some beginner skating lessons, is your child interested in figure skating?  Well, stay tuned as we compile the information.  Want to help?  Please contact us.


Male Hockey

HockeyTrying to navigate the world of boys’ hockey in Brandon, MB?  Well, stay tuned as we compile the information.  Want to help?  Please contact us.






Power Skating

Are you trying to get your child some additional ice time and improve their skating for hockey or ringette?  Then power skating is what you are looking for.  Stay tuned as we compile the information.  Want to help?  Please contact us.



Is your daughter interested in playing ringette?  With its growing ringette program, Brandon has lots to offer.  Check out this link for more information.



IMG 0862Do you want to hit the slopes to try out snowboarding?  Check out the snowboarding page for more information.







Snow Kiteboarding

kiteboardingInterested in trying snowkiteboarding, then check out this link.













Information on snowmobiling coming soon.  Stay tuned as we compile the information.  Want to help?  Please contact us.


Speed Skating

calgary 2011 047Do you have the need for speed…on ice?  Then, you should try speed skating.  Check out our speed skating page.




Synchronized Skating

Information on synchronized skating coming soon.  Stay tuned as we compile the information.  Want to help?  Please contact us.



Sliding 3Although not really a sport, it definitely uses snow and ice!  If you are looking for a great toboggan hill for sliding and sledding, check out this page.





X Country Skiing

Are you interested in cross country skiing?  Stay tuned as we compile the information.  Want to help?  Please contact us.

Inside Brandon, MB

Sugar Bowl

Starting inside Brandon, I think one of the best hills for pre-schoolers is the Sugar Bowl.  Located at the corner of Cherry Crescent and 34th street, it provides parking as well as easy access via the walking paths along 34th street.



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Parkdale Park

Close by but slightly steeper, is the hill located at Parkdale Park (behind Parkdale Drive and Durum Drive) in southwest Brandon.


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Hanbury Hill

Hanbury Hill is an impressive tobogganing hill located just off of Braecrest Drive in Sir Winston Churchill Park.  It boasts runs for both younger and older kids and a warm up gazebo. 



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 North End Community Park

Located at 52-14th Street North, North End Community Park also has a tobogganing hill.



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Rideau Park

Located on the same city block as East End Community Centre, Rideau Park (305 Park Street) has a great hill for sliding.


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Wheat City Golf Course

Watch out for the trees while sliding at the Wheat City Golf Course located at 3500 McDonald Avenue.  And, here is an excellent video of going down the hill.




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Destination Sliding and Tubing


Asessippi has an impressive tubing hill.  Check out this group of girls showing us how it's done!






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Bottineau, ND

....and Bottineau, ND has tubing hills!



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Gone are the days where snowboarders just carve the hill like a skier.  Freestyle snowboarding, where snowboarders ride through terrain parks like a skateboarder at a skate park, is the next generation of snowboarding.  Not sure what this looks like?  Check out this Youtube video of some local snowboarders at the Ranch, Brandon's newest and closest snowboard terrain park.



So You are Interested in Freestyle Snowboarding...Here's Where You Can Do it!


Brandon Snowboard Club's "The Ranch"  :


Located 4km west of Brandon on Grand Valley road, the Ranch is super close to the Wheat City.



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I had an opportunity to chat with Jordan Ross, member of the Brandon Snowboard Club.  He provided me with some pictures of some of the members along with details about the club.

There are three programs to gain access to the Ranch: the Shredders Program, the Learn to Ride Program and Regular Membership.  Geared to experienced 10 to 15 year-olds, the Shredders program is either offered twice per week for three weeks (for a total of six nights) or once per week for six weeks.  See details below.



2014 Shredders Program Details


Brandon Snowboard Club


10-15 inclusive





Cost per Session

$125 for instruction and lift tickets plus $20 for Snowboard Association of Manitoba ("SAM") pass for a total of $145


Tuesday or Thursday Nights  


4:30pm to 6:30pm

6:30pm to 8:30pm

How Many Lessons in a Session

6 weeks at once per week



December/January; February/March

What You Get

  • Private coaching with certified coaches
  • Private snowboard park with changing features
  • Video analysis
  • Access to contests and travel 




Learn to Ride

New for the 2013/14 season.

Age and Experience




No experience necessary

Cost and Session details

Cost per Session

$155 for instruction and lift tickets plus $20 for Snowboard Association of Manitoba ("SAM") pass for a total of $175


Saturday or Sunday mornings or Drop in Lessons available but you need to call them for details.   


10:00am to 11:30am

How Many Lessons in a Session

6 weeks at once per week


December/January; February/March

What you get ?

What You Get

  • Private coaching with certified coaches in small classes

  • Dedicated beginner area 



2014 Regular Membership in Brandon Snowboard Club


Age and Experience



16 and older



Cost and Session details


$150 for the season plus $10 per day out for lift ticket plus $20 for Snowboard Association of Manitoba Pass


Saturdays and Sundays from noon - 4:00pm and additional weekday nights throughout the winter.

 Brandon Snowboard Club


Do you just want to try out the Ranch for a day before committing to buying a regular membership?  Consider the guest pass.

More Information


For More Information


Check out the club's facebook page  or website for their contact information.

nateo nose



As a student athlete at the University of Calgary, I had a close up look at world class speed skating as many of the world’s best speed skating teams used the excellent facilities left over from the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.  I even strapped on a pair of speed skates and gave it a whirl!  You need amazingly strong ankles and of course, strong legs to be able to zoom around the oval.  It’s definitely harder than it looks!

Not sure what Speed Skating is like?  Check out this Youtube video:





I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Brandon has a speed skating club.  Westman Speed Skating Club is the home to speed skaters ranging in age from 5 to 50+ and even includes some former Olympians!  I chatted with current president, Joel Charles, to learn more about the club.



Children 5 and older can join the club.


Required Skills


Most kids come to the program with a basic knowledge of skating.






Their website outlines the required equipment in very specific detail but generally, kids start with rented skates (from the club), and supply their helmet, neck guard, shin guards, and the rest of the equipment required either by borrowing from the club’s collection or by purchasing the required equipment locally.  It is not uncommon for kids to rent skates for many years in a row before deciding to purchase skates (with the coach’s guidance).  Most speed skating specific equipment bought (once a kid has skated for a while, is progressing in the sport and knows this is what they want to do) is purchased from the only speed skating store in Manitoba, Red River Speed.




20121202 125201


The speed skating season starts in early September and goes until the end of March as follows:

September:  Dry land training

Late September:  A Two Day Short Track Camp hosted by the Manitoba Speed Skating Association (MSSA)

October– Early December:  Short Track is held inside at the Sportsplex

December– end of February or early March:  Long Track is held outside at the City of Brandon Skating Oval which is a full regulation 400m oval.

Rest of March:  Short Track at the Sportsplex

Spring:  Dry land training


Days of the Week

Tuesday (6:00pm to 7:00pm) and Friday (5:30 to 7:00pm) for Short Track Season

Tuesday (5:30pm to 7:00pm) and Friday (5:30 to 7:00pm) for Long Track Season


Cost (2013 -14)calgary 2011 047

 Costs cover entire season:


Skate Rental:  $90

Registration for both Tuesdays and Fridays (with own Short Track Skates and Blades):  $360

Just Tuesdays:  $280

Just Fridays:  $325




As kids progress, they can compete in various competitions which are held outside of Brandon.  The club has had skaters graduate to the oval program in Calgary.  Basically, the kids choose to pursue speed skating along with studying at the University of Calgary and can join the high performance program if they meet certain time standards.

 Prairie Dog 2012 points race

Looking for Some Inspiration?

Check out this Youtube video about Canada's most decorated Olympian ever, Manitoba's own Cindy Klassen.



If your kid is interested in Speed Skating....

If your kid(s) are interested in trying speed skating, the Westman Speed Skating Club (in conjunction with the MSSA ) usually host some open house nights  in September so anyone interested can see what it’s like.  Check out our calendar for upcoming events.



Ringette is gaining momentum in the Wheat City and it is easy to see why!   Ringette is a fast paced girl only team sport that encourages participants to become great skaters, accurate passers and strategic play makers.  Not sure what it looks like?  Check out this YouTube video produced by Ringette Canada:





Ringette in the Wheat City is organized by Brandon Ringette.


Age Groups

Age Groups

In Brandon, MB, there are currently four age groupings in ringette:

  • Ringette 4U:  Introduction to ringette for new players born in years 2008 to 2012
  • Novice U10: 9 years and under but only open to returning players or girls who graduate from the Ringette 4U program.
  • Petite U12:  11 and under
  • Tween U14:  13 and under
  • Junior U16:  15 and under




Participants wear the following protective equipment when playing ringette:

  • Neck guard
  • Elbow pads
  • Shin pads
  • Girdle with hip and tail bone protection
  • Long pants
  • Jersey
  • Helmet with full face mask

The sticks used by ringette players are manufactured specifically for ringette which feature a tapered end with steel, aluminum or plastic tips. 

Looking for equipment?  Check out Source for Sports.




The season runs from mid-September to early-February.  The season is comprised of a combination of games in Brandon, MB  along with tournaments against strong ringette cities such as Winnipeg, Thompson, Red River Valley (Grand Forks, ND), and Regina, SK.


Why Ringette

Why Ringette?

When contemplating female winter team sports available, what is the appeal of ringette?

  • Ringette is always girls only whereas female specific hockey does  not start until age 9; this appeals to some girls who are not keen to play with boys.
  • Because a player cannot cross a blue line with the ring, the rules encourage passing making it impossible to have a team dominated by one player who skates from end to end to continually score goals which can often be the case in hockey.
  • The program is producing higher caliber athletes as is evidenced by the fact that the Westman area now has both a U14 team and U16 team and the U14 team played in the Manitoba Winter Games in Morden in March 2014.
  • Parents in Brandon love the predictability of the schedule as ice times are always on Wednesdays and Sundays.
  • Fees are reasonable. 



  • The following are the 2015-16 fees:       



New Players


League Fee Until

June 1, 2015

League Fee After

June 1, 2015

Ringette 4U


$290 $340  
U10 (Novice) $210 $365 $414  
U12 (Petite) N/A $390 $440  

U14 (Tween)

N/A $390


U16 (Junior)

N/A $390



25% off $125 or 30% off $200 at Sierra Trading Post. Use code: ALAUG3. Valid through September 4th..
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Fun Fact: There are actually 8 Brandons in the USA - in Iowa, Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Wisconsin but only 1 Brandon in Canada - Brandon, MB!!


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