Downhill Skiing

There are a couple of downhill ski clubs around Brandon.  So far, I have chatted with the Westman Ski and Board club.


Westman Ski and Board Club


Calling Minnedosa’s Ski Valley home, the Westman Ski and Board Club is a great place for kids as young as 5 to learn to downhill ski and eventually race if they are so inclined.  I had a chance to chat with John Davis, the president of the club, and he filled me in on how things work.


The Natural Progression 

Although kids can learn to ski at any age, an ideal time to start is around 5 or 6 years of age.  As a member of the club, kids are paired up with Manitoba Alpine certified instructors usually at a ratio of one or two kids per instructor initially.  Once the kids are more comfortable, the group size increases to six or seven kids per instructor.  The Westman Ski and Board Club has two instructors and two coaches that are independent of Ski Valley’s set of instructors. “Instructors” teach members how to ski and “coaches” teach members how to race. Downhill Skiing


Once kids become more comfortable with the skiing basics, they can transition to racing if they are interested.  These potential racers learn to navigate around the poles and gates and in the process, becoming very proficient at controlled turning.  The process of racing is a great way to get kids to become very competent skiers.  Racers start at competitions at Ski Valley and progress to competing in races at Asessippi, Bottineau, and Holiday Mountain against racers from Assesippi Ski Club, Bottineau Ski Club, Holiday Mountain Ski Club, Winnipeg Alpine Racers, and Summit Ski Club.




The following YouTube video shows local skier, Gage Martinook, racing at Banff, AB - but Gage started his career in local races.




Members not interested in racing still receive instruction at Ski Valley from the recreational coach - She stops at the hill when the racers are gone to other ski resorts.  Entire families are encouraged to participate in the club and stay the day to enjoy the slopes.  One of the great things about being a member of the club is the separate club house which is next door to Ski Valley’s chalet and is independently owned and operated by the club.  In fact, families can use the club house on off training days!




Children aged 5 and older.




Early December until the snow is gone.




Every Saturday 9:30pm to 3:00pm breaking for lunch.




Can either rent or purchase equipment.  There are a few retailers in Brandon that carry downhill equipment – check out A&L Get Active, Sport Chek, and Stream ‘n’ Wood for more information.


2013 Cost

2013 Cost

Membership fees plus Clubhouse fees plus Lift ticket plus Race fees as follows:


  • Membership fees to cover instruction and Manitoba Alpine Insurance: 


Ages 5 to 10 - $350 per season

Ages >10 - $400 per season


  • Clubhouse fees:

$50 per family per season.


  • Lift tickets:

Can either buy single lift tickets or season passes; For the 2012-13 season, a child’s season pass was $290.



  • Race Fees:


$5 per race for 5 to 10 year olds and $30 per race for kids 11 and older.



Although predominately a club that caters to downhill skiers, they will teach members how to snowboard. 


More Information

For More Information 

For more information about the Westman Ski and Board Club, check out the Westman Ski and Board Club’s website or Facebook page or contact John Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 204-867-2816.


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Fun Fact: There are actually 8 Brandons in the USA - in Iowa, Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Wisconsin but only 1 Brandon in Canada - Brandon, MB!!

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