Brandon, MB has a number of Martial Arts available to kids.  We are currently cataloging them so keep checking back.






Mixed Martial Arts

Tae Kwon Do


There are tons of different sports offered in Brandon, MB.  We have categorized them as follows:


Balls & Racquets

Piper  playing  soccerLooking for a sport that involves a ball and/or a racquet?  Then check out our Balls & Racquets section






Ice & Snow

calgary 2011 047

Looking for sports played on the ice or in the snow?  Then check out our Ice & Snow section!





Martial Arts


 Do you have a kid who wants to try Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Judo, Taekwondo or other martial art?  Then check out our Martial Arts section to learn about the many martial arts gyms in Brandon, MB. 











boxing gloves

Is your Brandon, MB kid interested in an "other" sport?  You know, one that will not fit neatly into our categories!  If your child wants to try boxing, gymnastics or ultimate frisbee, for example, check out our other sports section.









wake boardingIf your kid wants to particate in a sport that uses water in and around Brandon, MB, it will be here.  Check out our Water Sports Section for more information on sports such as swimming, water skiing, sailing etc.






aerial kiteboarding 3If you are looking for sport options in and around Brandon which use wheels, check out our Wheels Section!



Water sports in and around Brandon, MB.

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Fun Fact: There are actually 8 Brandons in the USA - in Iowa, Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Wisconsin but only 1 Brandon in Canada - Brandon, MB!!

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News Section

Brandon ranked 26th as best place to live in Canada 2015 list. Read the complete list from here .

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