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Looking for a great way to get back into shape after having a baby?  Then consider joining Stacy Dittmer for her Parent & Baby classes. 1094505 10151807798652700 824373798 o 



Moms and their babies come to the class together.



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A fitness class geared to new moms looking to get back into shape after having a baby while simultaneously connecting with other Moms.  Variety is the spice of life so every class is different!  Stacy uses strength and cardio exercises that can be done with or without baby.  If baby is content to play or is sleeping, you can perform exercises using equipment provided by Stacy.  If you are wanting to interact with your baby, Stacy will provide a similar exercise that uses your baby as weight!  While the weather is nice, the class uses strollers outdoors and she even includes bootcamp curcuit style classes in the mix!



Parent and baby classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00am for 50 minutes.  Check our calendar for more information.



Classes are held at First Baptist Church.  See the following map:




 It costs $10 to drop into a class or $95 for a punch card of 10.


For More Information

Contact Stacy or visit her website!


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Stacey Luce Photography for the fabulous photos.  Check out her website.

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