Girl Guides

For over 100 years, Girl Guides of Canada has been offering girls the opportunity to become great leaders! 





 Girls aged 5 to 17 can belong to Girl Guides.  





Girl Guides is divided into the following branches:


This branch is for 5 and 6 year olds.  The object of the program is to introduce girls to Guiding in a fun, non-competitive environment through the use of levels called keepers which cover:

  1. Being a Spark

  2. Being Me

  3. Going Camping

  4. The World around me

  5. Being Healthy

  6. In My Community

  7. Exploring and Experimenting

  8. Going Outside, and

  9. Brownies and Beyond.


Upon completing a keeper, the spark receives a badge.



This branch is for 7 and 8 year olds. The Brownie program is divided into the following 10 keys:

  1. Key to Brownies
  2. Key to Me
  3. Key to my Community
  4. Key to Girl Guides
  5. Key to I can
  6. Key to Active living
  7. Key to STEM
  8. Key to Living world
  9. Key to Camping, and
  10. Key to the Arts.


After completing a key, the brownie receives a badge.  Certain keys have optional badges they can earn as well.  Brownies also have the opportunity to go camping and participate in activites with other branches of Girl Guides.




This branch for 9, 10 and 11 year olds encourages learning about the following:


  1. Learn and enjoy the outdoors
  2. learn about being a good citizen
  3. basic first aid
  4. home maintenance
  5. food preparation
  6. active living, and
  7. songs, dances, games and crafts.


Team work is encouraged along with comfortably speaking in a group.  Members are taught to respect others and their property and great leadership skills. Guides also have the opportunity to participate in activites with other branches of Girl Guides.



This branch of Girl Guides is for 12, 13, and 14 year olds.  It is split into four Emblems which are also divided into topics (also called Pathways).  Pathfinders is a flexible program allowing the member to complete their emblems individually or in a group.  Other Emblems include Leadership and Camping - a pathfinder decides which one to follow and, if time permits, she can complete both.




The Rangers branch is for 15, 16 and 17 year olds.  Ranger members work towards three different awards:


  • The Chief Commissioners Gold Award
  • The Commonwealth Award
  • The Duke of Edinburgh's Award





Dates and times vary throughout the city.  Check our calendar for the schedule for all branches of Girl Guides.




Girl Guide branches meet at various churches across the city.  Check our calendar for locations.




$95 + $4 handling fee (Additional fees may be applied during the year. A fee subsidy may be available.) for each branch per girl.


For More Information


Contact Brandon's representative for Girl Guides of Canada for more information including uniform requirements.



Girl Guides of Canada website

Girl Guides of Canada - Manitoba Council website


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