Welcome to BrandonKids.com, Brandon, Manitoba's comprehensive website of all things KIDS!!  Our goal is to create a ONE STOP shop for kids' activities in the Wheat City.


As parents, we just want our kids to find that something that makes them feel great about themselves and keep them out of trouble! Wouldn't it be great, we thought, if we had a complete list of every club, sport, language, class etc that our kids could be involved in. Then, if you are struggling to locate that one activity that makes your child shine, you have a place to go to for all the information to get started.


We have heard time and time again that it takes a village to raise a child - and Brandon, MB is a great village! If this website helps all of our kids find their "thing" and as a result, become healthy, happy, productive kids, everyone in our village wins!  

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We Need You!


As you check out the website, if an activity that one of your children is involved in is not here (which is most likely the case since we have just scratched the surface really), we could use your help gathering the information every parent wants to know before getting their children involved.  Please contact us and help us make the website as complete as possible.  Please fill out our form about your activity and we will get you on the website! We take submissions or will collaborate to put together a piece about your club, class or group.  Or, if you have found out about a particularly great location or free activity, we love to hear about those too.  Also, if you have an activity, registration dates, or a schedule that you would like to include in our calendar, please fill out our event form.  We can set up categories all the way down to a particular team to help team managers manage their team or let Brandon and the surrounding area know about particular dates.   And, it is FREE!  Just contact us!


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Together, we can help kids in Brandon, MB find the activities they love!


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Check out this page to learn how to register for this mountain biking program starting in Minnedosa in April 2015.

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Fun Fact: There are actually 8 Brandons in the USA - in Iowa, Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Wisconsin but only 1 Brandon in Canada - Brandon, MB!!


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Brandon ranked 26th as best place to live in Canada 2015 list. Read the complete list from here .

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    Check out our alphabetical list of all kids' activities available in Brandon, MB and surrounding area. 

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    Trying to locate activities in Brandon, MB by age?  Coming soon!!


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