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Project Linus is an amazing charity that provides new, handmade, washable blankets, quilts or afghans created with love by volunteer “Blanketeers” to children who are seriously ill or have been through a traumatic event.  Project Linus is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization and was started December 24, 1995 when Karen Loucks-Baker of Parker, Colorado read an article about a child who said her “security blanket” had helped her make it through her chemotherapy treatments.  That’s when Karen decided to start making security blankets - See the following Youtube video for more about the history of Project Linus:



The first Manitoba Chapter of Project Linus was started in October 2006 and since its inception, it has grown to four chapters (Stonewall, Westman, Selkirk, and Lorette) with over 250 blanketeers that have distributed over 4,000 blankets to kids in difficult times in Manitoba!


So you want to help!

There are many ways you can help Project Linus Canada:Blue-Yellow Charity Quilt2

  1. Let Project Linus Canada volunteers know of children in need.
  2. Become a blanketeer.  See this brochure for more info.
  3. Donate fabric, notions or yarn.
  4. Help organize, sort and mark blankets.
  5. Help distribute blankets to locations such as fire departments, police departments, mental health crisis centers, hospitals, and shelters.
  6. Donate a tax deductible monetary gift.  Financial donations collected in Manitoba stay in Manitoba to support Manitoba chapters.  Click here for a form to use to donate!

Contact the Brandon (Westman) Regional Coordinator to assist with any of the above.

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Looking for More Information?

Check out the following:



Communities coming together to provide security through blankets to local children undergoing difficult situations.


Brandon, MB is home to many wonderful children's charities.



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Project Linus Canada 


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KidSport is a national children's charity started in British Columbia in 1992 making its way to Manitoba the following year.  KidSport is administered by Sport Manitoba with each region being cared for by its respective regional office - Brandon, MB is covered by the Westman Region office.  KidSport receives no government funding. All funding dispersed is raised locally by a volunteer committee. These volunteers, along with Sport Manitoba staff, oversee fundraising, promotion, and distribution of funds.  Administrative costs are covered by Sport Manitoba ensuring that 100% of the funds raised go directly to children in need.

KidSport offers two main services:

  • Financial Assistance to individual athletes who would be unable to participate in organized sport without assistance
  • Equipment collection and redistribution to children who cannot afford their own



KidSport Financial Assistance


Covered Activities 

Financial Assistance provided by KidSport can only be used to assist with the cost of registration fees. Costs relating to camps, travel, championships, uniforms, fundraising bonds, canteen bonds, etc. do not qualify.  


Assistance Available

A maximum of $300 per calendar year per athlete is available.


Age Eligibility

KidSport assists children up to the age of 18.



Annual deadlines to apply for funding are monthly on the 15th. Applications submitted after the deadline will be carried over to the next deadline.  Check out our calendar for more information on dates and other events hosted by KidSport.



  • Proof of income (preferably in the form of a Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment for the previous tax year) must be provided along with applications. For acceptability of other proof of income, please contact the office.
  • Preference is given to athletes who are being introduced into organized sport.
  • Submitting an eligible application to KidSport does not guarantee funds. Each application is assessed individually after the deadline to determine if funding will be provided.
  • Funding cheques are sent directly to sport organizations, not to individuals. Individuals cannot be reimbursed for fees that have already been paid.
  • Sport activities must be affiliated with organizations recognized by their respective Provincial Sport Organization and Sport Manitoba.
  • In order to receive funding, families must meet the low income cut-off guidelines, as determined by KidSport Manitoba. These guidelines ensure that financial assistance is only provided to families that are actually in need. Current income levels are available on the KidSport website. (Family size includes the total number of parents and children in the family.) For 2015, the income levels are:         


Family Size

Maximum Annual Gross Income















KidSport Application Procedure

  • KidSport applicants must register their child in their chosen sport(s). (Sports are asked to waive payment for individuals registering as KidSport applicants. Once applications have been approved, KidSport will get payments to sport organizations as soon as possible.)
  • The sport organization completes Section 3 of the KidSport application, confirmed that the child is registered and what the fee is.
  • The KidSport applicant completes their form, including all necessary financial information, and submits it to the Sport Manitoba – Westman Region office on or before 4:30 pm the day of the deadline.
  • The KidSport committee meets shortly after the deadline to evaluate each application. Payment is sent directly to the sport organizations and a confirmation letter is sent to the applicant for approved applications. If an application is not approved, a letter is sent to the applicant and sport organization informing them of the decision.
  • Click this link for the application




sports equipment

  • KidSport collects new and used equipment and distributes it to children who cannot afford to purchase their own.
  • All equipment is checked to ensure it meets safety standards.
  • Applications for equipment are accepted at any time throughout the year.
  • When filling out the application, applicants are encouraged to try on equipment from a friend, teammate, store, etc., to ensure that correct sizes are asked for.
  • Availability of equipment depends greatly on the time of year, current demands, current stock, and donation rate.
  • Equipment is provided on a first come, first served basis.
  • Applicants may be required to pay shipping costs, as all equipment comes from Winnipeg.
  • Click this link for an application.
  • To Donate used equipment, contact the Western Region office to arrange drop off.


KidSport Donations


  • Financial donations are graciously accepted throughout the year. Donations can be mailed in, dropped off in person, or submitted online.
  • Official tax receipts are available upon request.


For More Information

Contact the Westman Regional Office of Sport Manitoba, check out the KidSport website or Sport Manitoba

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